POWDER PACK is a monthly mystery pack featuring your favorite makeup & skin creators from across the grid since 2018. POWDER PACK is powered by VELOUR HOLDINGS.


Q: What is the reservation period?
A: The reservation period is when you can reserve your Powder Packs at a discounted price before release day, the 16th of the month. When the Pack is released they will be full priced and all items will be revealed.

Q: I purchased my Powder Pack during the reservation period and I didn’t receive my Pack. Why?
A: The products only arrive in your inventory in the 16-18th of each month. If you made an early reservation purchase, you may receive a redelivery with your Powder Pack HUD when the time comes.

Q: Where I can purchase my Powder Packs?
A: You can purchase on the Marketplace or Powder Pack store at VELOUR.

Q: The Lelutka Evolution Packs are for Evolution Classic or Evolution Xtreme?
A: As it’s specified in the description of the products, it’s the designer’s choice. Makeup and Eyes work both on Classic & Xtreme mode, but Skins are the designer’s choice for which map they are making.

Q: I’m a designer interested in joining in Powder Pack. How can I do it?
A: We appreciate your interest! Unfortunately, Powder Pack is an invitation only event.

For additional answers, please join the POWDER PACK Group for live help.